Orpheus, the founder of Cirque de Sade, got his start in the fetish lifestyle co-hosting the Internet radio show, Severe Society, on the KSEX network. Working closely with a montage of proDoms, proDommes and prosubmissives that frequented his internet program, Orpheus was able to incorporate a wide array of fetish and BDSM ideals, principles and philosophies into one practical and applicable personal mythology which has come to be widely respected in the community.

While honing his newly acquired skills on the dark gothic stages of Club Dungeon, Orpheus was heavily influenced by the Hollywood fetish lifestyle and began performing at other local hot spots such as: Bar Sinister, Lair de Sade, Bondage Ball, Passive Arts Studio, and Miss Kitty's Parlor. Orpheus has come to be one of Hollywood’s most respected adult performance artists.

Orpheus is also considered a leader in the fire fetish movement because of his innovations on fire cupping (Huoquan Qi), and has reinvented a new form of erotic fire play called Kagutsuchi no Shodô or "Fire God Writing" which has brought him to the forefront of this new genre. Orpheus is also planning on bringing this new form of erotic art to a broader audience by introducing a line of educational videos, books, and erotic adult entertainment such as live stage shows and performance videos in the near future.