Our Vision

Black & Poly is a community where we ask the questions and share the stories that too often go unexamined because of fear or shame. Our goal is to provide an eclectic, culturally rich environment where people can come together to socialize, learn, and share common interests related to polyamorous living.

We encourage thoughtful discussions about sex, relationships, dating and intimacy as it relates to polyamory. Through this communication we strive to create connections and build a community that understands no matter how one “does” poly, there is no one right way to do it, thus promoting a warm and welcoming environment where all are free to express themselves without fear of judgement.

We want to give those who are in a place of new discovery, a safe, fun, and knowledgeable place grow and LEARN. As this “lovestyle” is one that is fairly new to our community, it is imperative that we take active roles in leading and teaching each other. Knowledge is power. Let’s be our best selves and show the world polyamory is relevant and real.