About Black & Poly Dating

Black & Poly Dating is here to support the Black & Poly community in finding partners. Black & Poly is an organization created by Ron Young to help people who identify as black transition to polyamory. For five years Black & Poly has been a resource for education, discussion, and advocacy.

Black & Poly Dating is open to every person regardless of race or ethnicity. Black & Poly embraces womanism as opposed to feminism, which means we empower black women’s voices instead of defaulting to white supremacy and the patriarchy.

The “poly” in Black & Poly stands for polyamory, a subset of ethical non-monogamy. Black & Poly acknowledges the black community’s connection to polygamy and specifically polygyny, but this site is not designed to help people find sister wives or group marriages. In the same way, Black & Poly Dating is not designed for swingers looking for primarily sexual relationships.

Your use of this site depends on your adherence to our Terms and Conditions. We will not tolerate hate speech or abusive language. Any indications of underage relationships or sex trafficking will be reported to the authorities. While we prohibit sharing information from the member areas (including photographs and private messages) you are responsible for the content you post.