Polyamory Research

Polyamory is not new, but rigorous research into the lovestyle has been lacking, especially in the black community. Below we've compiled recent research about polyamory. Click here for a listing of articles specifically on polyamory and children.


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Open to Love: Polyamory and the Black American from The Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships, written by Chris Smith

Poly/logue: A Critical Introduction to Polyamory from Sexualities

Constructing Polyamorous Language from Sexualities

Everyday Oppression Of Polyamorous People from the 2nd Annual International Conference on the Future of Monogamy
and Non-Monogamy

The Privilege of Perversities: Race, Class, and Education Among Polyamorists and Kinksters from Psychology and Sexuality

Development of a Brief Measure of Attitudes Towards Polyamory from Psychology and Sexuality

Polyamory Experiences of Power from Without, from Within, and in Between from The Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy

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