Professional Resources

Sometimes you need more than your Black & Poly community. This list of resources can help you find professional help for personal or relationship issues in your life.This list is based on the recommendation of members, and we cannot guarantee their poly-friendliness or the accuracy of the information linked. Have a suggestion to add? Email us!

The Open List

Polyamory Friendly Professionals Directory

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Kink Aware Professionals Directory

Dr. Sandy Peace, PsyD, LPC, Los Angeles, CA

Carla Sanderson, MA, LPC, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Polyamory Counseling, Atlanta, GA

Alexandra Tyler, LCSW, CCH, Atlanta, GA

Heritage Behavioral Center, Plano, TX

Renee Baker, PhD.EE, LPC, Dallas, TX

Dennis Hartzog, M.Ed, LPC, Dallas, TX

Insights Collaborative Therapy Group, Dallas, TX

Elisabeth Sheff, PhD. Relationship coaching and polyamory expert witness

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