Meetups Administrator Page

Welcome to the Black & Poly Meetups Administrators Page! Find all the resources you need to plan and hold meetups in your local area.

The Basics

  • Black & Poly Meetups should be held at least once a quarter.
  • The quarterly meetup should be a discussion centered around polyamory. See the list of topics and outlines created by Lisa Young below.
  • Other meetups can be social events such as game night, dinner out, dancing, etc.
  • Meetup locations should be family friendly but in a space that allows for private conversation.
  • Meetups at adults-only venues and referencing adult topics should marked as unofficial.
  • Meetups should be posted on as well as on any relevant social media site.
  • Meetup Coordinator Startup Guide


  • Please only use official B&P logos on advertisements.
  • The local meetup coordinator must keep their contact information up to date. Send changes to email and phone number to the Meetup Administrator. View the current coordinator list here.
  • Coordinators are the public face of Black & Poly. Please act accordingly.
  • Local coordinators are responsible for costs related to sponsoring the local group on and for any venue-related costs.
  • Ron Young must be made an administrator in all local meetup and social media groups.
  • Events that have a broader scope than the local community must be reviewed and approved by Ron Young.

Meeting Format

The document below has a suggested meeting format for your discussion groups.

B&P Group Meeting Format

Code of Conduct

Please ask members to review and abide by the Code of Conduct at each meeting. The local leadership team should address all misconduct immediately. Contact the Meetups Administrator if support is needed.

B&P Meeting Code of Conduct

Liability Waiver

If you hold meetings in a private home, please have the home owner sign the liability waiver.

B&P Liability Waiver

Meetup Administrator: Crystal Farmer

Black & Poly Founder: Ron Young